The official Python IRC channel, on the Libera network.

#python is a channel for discussing the Python programming language. People of all skill levels are welcome to participate.

Please don't paste into the channel! Use a pastebin service such as https://bpaste.net or https://gist.github.com and post the link.


To ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience, we ask that participants take these guidelines to heart:


My nickname is banned, what do I do?

Ask in #python-ops for help.

Someone is being disruptive in the channel, help!

Ask in #python-ops for help. If no one is around, try asking #libera staffers for help.

What happened to Freenode?

Freenode came under new management in May 2021. The new staff did not share our values, acted unilaterally to replace Freenode staff and policies, and aggressively displaced channel operators. The new Freenode staff includes people we know to be disruptive to productive communities. Libera is run by the old Freenode staff we had come to trust over years of cooperation.

If you want more details, these pages go in depth: